Blogs are  primarily online diaries, where people would provide personal accounts of their lives. Earlier it was called web log, when , blogs were traditionally built websites that were updated and uploaded manually, limiting the number of bloggers to only those who knew how to build and upload web pages. After late 90s, when LiveJournal and then Blogger developed platforms that didn’t require tech knowledge, that blogging expanded. After 2000 it changed when word Press changed text into blogs. Like many new resources that pop up, visionary entrepreneurs recognized the blog format as a marketing tool, and began to use it to provide information and updates to their customers, and as a way to draw in new business. Best all type of Internet Marketing-Blog Marketing-Delhi-NCR-India telling you  blogs grew into a new and effective marketing strategy. Many business owners use a blogging platform, such as WordPress, for both their site and blog.Best all type of Internet Marketing-Blog Marketing-Delhi-NCR-India provide you best blog writing.

The very nature of blogging makes them ideal for marketing since they provide new content to draw people back, and offer a way for consumers and businesses to interact. Here are a few other benefits:

Best all type of Internet Marketing-Blog Marketing-Delhi-NCR-Indiakritigya enterprises Internet marketing

  1. Inexpensive to start and run. While there are free blogging platforms, such as Blogger and, to maintain a professional appearance that allows for your unique brand to shine through, use a self-hosted option, such as For the cost of a domain and webhosting, you can have a customized blog marketing for you.
  2. Easy to use. Most blogging platforms are simple to use. If you can copy, paste, type, drag & drop and upload, you can have a professional looking blog.
  3. Effective way to have new and returning traffic come to your site to see what’s new. Offering tips, updates and other new content gives people a reason to return to your business website, which gives them opportunity to buy.
     4. Improves search engine ranking. Google, in particular, likes to find and rank new content, and many                      entrepreneurs use blogging specifically for search engine optimization (SEO)
     5.  Allows you to show off your expertise to gain trust and credibility with your market. People like               to  now who they’re doing business with. With a blog you can prove you’re an expert, provide helpful tips and              other  valuable information, all of which help consumers feel good about spending money on your product or                service.
    6.Connect with your market. While most businesses now use Twitter and other social platforms more than                blogs for engagement, blogs can allow you to have a conversation with your market. This gives you the                            opportunity to build trust and rapport, as well as get feedback and provide customer service.
    7.It can make money beyond your product or service. You can accept advertising,promote affiliate                        products and get sponsors, adding additional sources of revenue to your business.

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