Weekend Link roundup-Shortlist your Desires

Here, lots of question would arise regarding ‘desired things.’Everyone has their desired attractive article,place,wardrobes,skills, looks or you can say place they want to drag your attention to, as I do. I mean my motive of this weekend is to grab your attention towards my article so that you read and value those desire consequently. One would surely re-emphasis their thoughts before reading further as you need to be sure about your choice you want to consider which thing to be your desire first. Some one wrote-

“He who desires but acts not, breeds pestilence”


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Statistic shows Fashion is on top in Girls wish list and Fame/money in boys list. Although to own each other is one. Some desire Name, fame, jewels, house etc.

When I typed ‘Desire’ on Google, several things eloped my attention as those are endless. Hereby, I am putting my desire in front of you and want you to write your desire in return and I have heard those desire are fulfilled soon if shared. The moment I tried to mention one, it became difficult to shortlist another. So, putting stone on my heart I would keep desire to become RICH is my first priority. I think I have covered lots of desire sub categorize under this word Rich as those are dependent on my becoming Rich only. Someone said-

If you greatly desire something, have the guts to stake everything on obtaining it.

Its better to be in the race to achieve those desires as I have learned health issues are the sole reasons that can destroy your desire to achieve other desires as recovering your health becomes first there after. As my mother wishlist changed in seconds the day she fell in the washroom. Life- survival became the sole desire. Read my blog-https://internetmarketingservicesbykritigya.blogspot.com/p/last-days-of-life.html . So, lets hear from visitors about their desire. Kindly keep it to minimum as I would be able to select majority in the box easily then. To be more prejudiced, one desire of a girl in priority and one for boys. So Lets begin.


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